Frequently Asked Questions

About Propellus

What is Propellus?

Propellus is a travel tech startup focused on developing a platform that streamlines and automates the visa application process. The platform leverages AI technology to enhance the efficiency of visa processing for travel agents and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), significantly reducing operational costs and error rates while ensuring data security and compliance with international standards.

Who is it for?

Propellus is designed for travelers, travel agents, and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), streamlining the visa application process for all involved. While beneficial to travelers, our primary focus is on developing B2B solutions for travel agents and OTAs. These tools help them serve their end customers, the travelers, more effectively.

Where are you located?

Propellus is a Singapore-based travel tech startup, strategically situated to serve travel agents and OTAs globally in the visa processing and travel market. Singapore's position as a vibrant hub for tech startups ensures that Propellus has the support and compliance infrastructure to provide world-class services, leveraging the advantages of its location to cater to a diverse international clientele.

How it works

How does it work?

Propellus offers a seamless experience for OTAs and travel agents to extend to their customers. Travelers simply upload their travel documents, and Propellus' AI automatically fills in their visa application. Then, fulfillment partners or travel agents submit the application to the embassy for processing. This system ensures a hassle-free visa application journey for the traveler. For a closer look at how our platform can transform your visa processing experience, we invite you to request a demo.

What are the features & benefits?

Propellus combines a suite of features and benefits to enhance the visa application process:

  • Smart Data Locker: Centralizes all data and documents.
  • Autofill for Visa Applications: Simplifies application completion.
  • Document Expiry and Visa Fulfillment Notifications: Keeps users informed.
  • Fully Automated Visa Processing: Streamlines the entire process.
  • Automated Visa Tracking: Offers real-time application status.
  • Adoption and Sales Boost: Accessible via mobile and desktop apps.
  • 60% Error Rate Reduction: Significantly minimizes errors.
  • 50% Payroll Cost Reduction: Lowers operational costs.
  • AWS Infrastructure: Ensures top-tier data security.
  • Round-the-Clock Tech Support: Dedicated support for partners.
  • 24/7 AI Chatbot Assistance: Immediate help for customers.
  • USP for OTAs: Visa processing feature integrated within OTA platforms.

How are you different from the competition?

Propellus is designed to foster long-lasting relationships with both customers and travelers, rather than just facilitating one-off transactions. This unique approach is reflected in our distinctive features that set us apart from competitors:

  • Visa in a Few Clicks: Streamlines the visa process.
  • AI-Powered Data Validation: Ensures accuracy and reliability.
  • Data & Document Vault: Securely stores essential documents.
  • Preparation & Auto Fill Visa: Reduces manual input.
  • Travel History Analysis: For personalized experiences.
  • Future Visa Ready/Recommendations: Anticipates travel needs.
  • Visa Issuance: Efficient processing and issuance.
  • AI ChatGPT & Passport Scanners: Advanced technological support.
  • Integrated Flight & Hotel Bookings: A complete travel solution.

What are the charges?

Propellus is free to sign up for both travelers and travel agents. We charge a small percentage for every visa processed. The exact percentage and amounts may vary depending on the product and market. Therefore, we encourage interested parties to contact our sales team to learn more about specific pricing details. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Is the customer data secure?

Propellus ensures the highest level of data security using AES-GCM-SHA-256 encryption. We handle customer data meticulously, adhering to the latest ISO 27001 standards, and are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This commitment to security means that customer data is protected with the most advanced measures available, offering peace of mind and trust in our services.